For Organizers, Institutions, Venues, Small buissiness :

                                            Visibility,  among images, emails and mailing lists.

                                     The narrative of a space is defined by what we do in the space.
                  spirt and sensibility -- Track and increase the engagement of event programming. 


                                                                Educational features. 

                                      Noise and clutter. Focus on the programming. 

                                                      Divest from Big Tech, invest in community.


Happenings is for and about real, live community, which means we need a community to make it happen. Whether you are interested in intitutional or creative partnerships, you are a performer, activist, event organizer, or small buissness owner, or can offer anything from thoughful feedback to funding, we would love to hear from you.  To learn more about what we are up to, to join the list for our upcoming beta, or to get involved get in touch here: